Adult FALL (Sun) '21


If you want to sign up as a drop in player... If you'd like to drop in, get registered below AND then email Suz to see if there's room on each specific week you're available!


2021 Fall games @ Gorham Sports Center (dome) begin Sept 5th '21 @ 6p!

Join us after the game, for a quick drink (water n choc shakes are drinks!) plus some apps @ Sebago!

Contact Suz if you want to play on any given week as a "walk-on"... to see if there's room!!

Welcome to the ADULT FALL (Indoor) FH tab!! Details & registration are below.

Due to limited space on indoor field, weekly walk-on players must contact Suz to see if there is room EACH WEEK.

Thanks & See you on the field!!

Play is always at your own risk so use your best judgement when bad weather is forecast.

If the facility closes...


See you on the field!!

BRING BOTH WHITE & DARK (preferably NO gray or pastels, please!!)


F: Suz B, Kaitlyn D, Cathy M

M: Elizabeth B, Sarah J, Annie T, Emily T, Sharon S, Nilaya P, Sam M

D: Lexie C, Jess B, Peyton B, Danielle B, Ang G, Ian W, Santana W, JoJo P

(Teams subject to change, based on actual attendance)

Looking forward to some great back n forth games!! Below are this week's teams:

1 - F: M: D:

2 - F: M: D:

FULL SESSION players - remember to e-mail if you're unexpectedly NOT be able to make it, so a sub can be contacted. Thanks!!

Sept 30th '18.... ME Marathon Volunteers!!

Sarah P shared this link... hi-light goals from Netherlands v Australia!!

FROM ONE OF OUR REGULAR PLAYERS... She & her sister are 4yrs apart, so have literally NEVER played TOGETHER!! It was great to see them get the chance. HER NOTE IS A COMPLIMENT TO YOU ALL!! THANKS EVERYONE!!

"Thanks again for allowing my sister to play with us. I have to say she was very nervous to play, but I told her there is nothing to worry about. She plays adult in her area, however she says it's a very different league. She said ours was much more enjoyable and fun than hers! She felt welcomed and not intimidated at all. She said her league is almost too competitive and rough and it gets verbally abusive at times. She actually broke 3 bones in her face last year b/c of rough play and had to have her cheek bone replaced so she gets a bit hesitant now. So kudos to you for creating a competitive yet enjoyable league for us!

NEXT TOURNAMENT: (FALL) RANDYPALOOZA 2019... renamed in remembrance of Randy Richardson!!

SUNDAY, Nov 24th '19 (9a-1:30p)

@ USM Gorham Field House



We play at GORHAM SPORTS CENTER, located at: 215 Narragansett St, Gorham, ME 04038,+Gorham,+ME+04038/@43.6654869,-70.4980787,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x4cb296c7969a18d5:0xc98178d5079e3258!2m2!1d-70.463746!2d43.665492

When signing up to play, if you pay to be a FULL SESSION player, then you are guaranteed a spot each week. We can't stress enough that FULL session players should notify the organizer if unable to make it any given week. You can do so at any time if you have planned vacation, etc. This let's us know the numbers, and whether there will be room for WALK-ON players.

WALK-ON players must contact the night's organizer to see if there's room for extra players. You can always ask in advance if you know you'd be available. You might not get an answer until closer to the actual night, so thanks in advance for your understanding!

Fall session runs for 8 weeks.

This is for women & college players. (HS players interested should have a coach send a recommendation e-mail to Suz)

Everyone should show up at 6p (or just before so we can start on time!). We play for 1hr. Bring both WHITE & DARK shirts (NO gray or pastels, PLEASE!!)

8wk session is $100 for FULL session players. You only have to make it to 5wks for cost to be better than being an indoor walk-on.

WALK-ON players pay $25/night that they play. See above for details on difference between FULL & WALK-ON.

(if you haven't paid yet, please bring $ to the first night of play)


(Preferred payment method is Venmo!)

Use Venmo (@Suzanne-Bourgault), or bring cash

Questions, contact Suz (Parks) Bourgault:

To order apparel, go to "BUY STUFF" tab!!

Orders are continually being placed, so order anytime!!

Delivery will be based on timing of other orders.

REGISTER HERE!! As long as there is a form here, registration is open. If you just can't view what's in the box, it might be that you need to be on a computer, as this might not show up on your phone... sorry!! FALL FH registration for full session players is open as long as the registration box shows below.

Registration is now OPEN. Walk-ons should contact Suz ASAP if looking to play. See above for an explanation of "walk-on" vs "full session" players. If you know which dates you'd like to play, e-mail:

Please note.... the dates to check are the ones you CAN'T be there to play.... if not checked, we'll assume you CAN attend.