Kayleigh Fights Back!!

Kayleigh Ballantyne (Gorham HS, Bryant University) was brutally attacked in South Boston on July 24th '13. She was stabbed 7 times, one of which deflated her lung, and another was 1/2 inch from her heart. Thankfully, as anyone who knows her can confirm, Kayleigh is a fighter. Not only did she survive being attacked by a killer... but she fought him off and put him in the hospital in the process!! Because she hurt him so badly, he went to the nearest ER where her description helped police to apprehend him... right there in the same hospital where she was being treated. Thanks to Kayleigh, this man who kidnapped & killed a woman earlier in the same day, is off the streets. She is an incredibly brave and strong young woman whose instincts saved her life.

When planning to spend the summer in Boston, like any college girl, Kayleigh brushed off her parents' concerns about "being careful" by saying "I'm not going to get attacked!" I wasn't sure if she wanted to share details, but she gave an emphatic "yes!" when asked, as she wants to make sure that everyone remembers that, unfortunately these things CAN happen to you or someone you love.

Her mom Kim says she "always taught her to fight back if attacked." Kayleigh said she thought (& wishes she'd said out loud) "You can stab me, but I'm gonna hurt you." Well, she did & because she did, a killer was caught. Her lifelong best friend Hannah Prince (Gorham HS, UMass Amherst) says "I look to Kayleigh as an inspiration for me to push myself to be the best I can be. She is the definition of "never-give-up" on and off the field. Her actions saved the lives of potential victims. Kay is the strongest person I know and I know she will recover and be back better than ever."

For just $10, you can purchase a t-shirt to support what Kayleigh has survived. It was designed by Kayleigh & her mom!! The idea of the shirts originated with the Medical Command in the ME Army National Guard, the unit in which Kim worked for over 30yrs.

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T-shirts & printing were subsidized by Joe Pennell (owner of PENNELL PRINTING in Saco, ME) & State of Mind Design in Portland, ME.... neither took regular profits when making the shirts. This is why we are able to sell these great shirts for such a low price & still plan to make a donation to a worthy cause. The small difference between the cost & what you pay will go toward the charity of Kayleigh's choice. Thank you for your support!!

Taking into consideration all aspects, Kayleigh is from ME; she goes to college in RI; and this happened in MA. Therefore, donations of net proceeds are planned for:

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Program, through Portland ME Police Dept, which teaches self defense as a tool to prevent sexual assault.

The Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence

Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence

In a true show of team unity & sportsmanship, the Bryant FH team & Providence FH teams all purchased shirts to support Kayleigh, her experience, and the efforts to prevent further attacks on women. Below is Bryant & then both Bryant & Providence...

Pics of Kayleigh: