St Joe's overpowers USM on 9-25-13

Post date: Sep 27, 2013 6:0:21 PM

Marina Davidson (Windham HS, USM) made numerous stops on St Joe's attempts at entering the circle, but Kelsey Dumond (Lewiston HS, St Joe's College) managed to sneak in the winning goal for St Joe's who ended up victorious (3-0). Other USM players to watch include Becky Pratt (Skowhegan) and Peyton Dostie (Bonny Eagle). Though they didn't score, they put forth a great effort! St Joe's players to watch are Effie Drew (Portland), Carley Dennis (Lewiston), Kaylee Heath (Gardiner), and Kayla Royer (Leavitt). The group gave a strong showing on both attack and defense.